District Board Member Training 2020

Required for Local and Special Service District Board Members | taught by Office of the State Auditor
  • 8 Videos
  • 8 Quizzes
  • 2 Surveys
  • 2 PDFs
  • 1.5 hrs

Course Curriculum

Introduction to GRAMA
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Separation of Duties: Clerk & Treasurer
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Course description

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Office of the State Auditor
Office of the State Auditor

The Office of the State Auditor provides Utah taxpayers and government officials with an independent assessment of financial operation, statutory compliance, and performance management for state and local government.

Specific activities of the Office include performing financial audits, conducting Federal funds compliance audits, providing local government oversight, conducting agency and program performance audits, performing fraud and compliance audits, and operating the State Auditor Hotline for citizens to report suspected financial issues or improprieties. These capabilities strengthen Utah State Government and help taxpayers have confidence in the integrity of Utah’s government agencies.

The State Auditor is a Constitutional Officer of the State of Utah, elected directly by the state’s citizens every four years. The role of the State Auditor is authorized in Article VII, Section 15 of the Utah Constitution. For more information, see auditor.utah.gov.


(801) 538-1025